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NGO name/title: ITHACA NGO
Legal form: Non-profit organization
Starting year of activity: 2015
Brief profile: Ithaca operates the first mobile laundry unit in Greece and Europe since April 2016 for homeless people. We were founded with a view to diminishing social exclusion of the people coming from socially vulnerable groups. Our goal is twofold: to raise homeless people’s hygiene standards and restore their dignity, as well as to create opportunities for them towards their social reintegration. As far as the first component of our goal is concerned, we operate the laundry van (equipped with two washing machines and two tumble dryers) in different but stable places within Attica in order to serve as many people as needed. In this way, since the beginning of our operation, we have managed to deliver more than 5.500 washes which amount to 33 tons of clean clothes in 1,548 unique beneficiaries. At the same time, we manage to achieve the social and professional reintegration of people coming from socially vulnerable groups by creating job positions within the organization for a period of up to 12 months. During this time, the employees are provided with job counselling and psychological support by our external network of partners, which will later help them find a full time job position.
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Sector(s) activity:
Address: 15, Viktoros Ougko Str. Postal code: 10437
City: Athina Greek state:
Website: https://www.ithacalaundry.gr/
Contact person: Natasa Asimakopoulou-Marketing and Development Coordinator
e-mail: n.asimakopoulou@ithacalaundry.gr fax: