CSR in Greece - forum 2011


      About Us
   Capitalizing on our 15 year track record of hosting a series of uniquely successful business and investment forums in New York, London and Athens, Capital Link is now initiating an Annual Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility, scheduled to take place in Athens on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at Divani Caravel Hotel.
   The topic of this 1st Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Forum is «CSR as a Bridge between Business & Society». The Forum will highlight the role and interaction among government, corporations and NGOs in the area of CSR. It will debate the latest critical issues, trends and developments in key areas of CSR activity,showcase best practices by industry and present how NGOs and associations interact with the business world to fund their programs. The Forum will conclude by providing practical guidelines in terms best practices, reporting and auditing.
   The Forum will function as a true «Bridge Between Business and Society». Besides the presentations and panel discussions, for the first time, NGOs and Associations will host their own booths to foster live interaction with the Forum's participants, making available to the forum participants their programs, objectives and related material.
   As mentioned, the Forum will feature:
   a) panels debating the latest critical issues, trends and developments in key areas of CSR activity (the panels will consist of representatives from the Government, corporations and NGOs),
   b) panels showcasing best practices by industry (energy - banking - construction & mining - shipping) which will also discuss how companies choose their CSR activities, their strategy, applications, and the anticipated and actual results of their actions,
   c) presentation by sector professionals with practical guidelines on best practices, auditing and reporting, including criteria and instructions on writing social reports...
   d) alongside the Forum, for the first time there will be a designated place to interact with NGOs and Associations.
   This Annual Forum reinforces Capital Link's activities in raising the profile of CSR, its significance and benefits for society and corporations, to a wider audience. Our website www.csringreece.gr provides extensive information and daily updates on the CSR activities of Greek companies as well as on the needs and programs of NGOs and Associations.