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      Child and Adolescents’ Center
NGO name/title: Child and Adolescents’ Center
Legal form: Civil, Non – Profit Organization
Starting year of activity: 1996
Brief profile: "Child and Adolescents’ Center" ,as a special certified institution of the National Care System, based on the principles of Communal Psychiatry aims at providing qualitative specialized services in order to improve the quality of life of children, adolescents’ and adults in the fields of Mental Health and Special Education.

It also targets at prevention, prompt diagnosis, research study, planning and implementation of public health programs with an additional goal to educate and stimulate public sensitivity. It is involved in many activities and operates on various levels.

It includes the following settings and departments:

Children and Adolescents’ Department,Chios

Mobile Mental Health Unit, Chios

Day Center for Adolescents’ with autism, in West Attika “Stin Avli tou Kosmou”

“Helianthos” Specialized diagnostic and rehabilitation Center for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Peristeri - Athens

Adults’ Mental Health Department, Chios

Scientific Documentation and Education Department
Other information: ---
Sector(s) activity:
People with disabilities
Address: Egkremou 30 Postal code: 82131
City: Chios Greek state:
Website: www.kpechios.gr
Contact person: Natasa Spantidaki
e-mail: nspantidaki@kpechios.gr fax: 2105789191