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      Reading to the Others
NGO name/title: Reading to the Others
Legal form: Non Profit Organisation
Starting year of activity: 2015
Brief profile: “Reading to the Others” is a Non Profit Organization was created in 2015. The organization covers two action pillars:

 Enrichment with a steady flow of the Acoustic Library for the Blind, with acoustic books being recorded by our volunteers; in this way more individuals with sight problems will have access to more books and different types of readings. Our main goal is to record readings that aim at entertainment such as literature and poetry, education, such as journals and academic material, as well as leaflets that will make everyday life easier for people with vision problems such as instructions, medical and drug leaflets, etc.

 Development of live reading events in places like Nursing Homes, Orphanages and other Child and Adult Care Institutions, as well as live reading events for people unable to read due to kinetic problems, problems in vision, even due to illiteracy.

Since our first volunteer meeting, held in January 2015, and till today, 2500 volunteers have embraced our group and 3/5 of them offer actively in the organization and events of the group, thus taking part in the realization of the vision of “Reading for the Others”, i.e. for a society with equal access to literature and knowledge! In this context, books have already been recorded and trained volunteers visit, after invitation, orphanages and nursing homes in order to keep company, through reading, to the people staying there.
Other information: ---
Sector(s) activity:
People with disabilities
Address: Iroon Politechniou 19 Postal code: 18531
City: Pireus Greek state:
Website: www.giatousallous.gr
Contact person: Christina Mpirliraki
e-mail: sponsors@giatousallous.gr fax: