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      Greek Bank of Memories
NGO name/title: Greek Bank of Memories
Legal form: Non profit civic company
Starting year of activity: 2011
Brief profile: The association Greek Bank of Memories has been founded with the intent to implement activities aiming to the recording, sharing and valorization of people's memories. Greek Bank of Memories is running a collaboration with the Memoro international network, which includes more than 15 countries around the world. Internet and multimedia material constitute the main tool to communicate the stories to a huge global community. Moreover, one of the main scopes of the association is the interaction with people in order to upload their own material and create their own historical path. The association is working in close collaboration with other NGOs, educational institutions and cultural bodies. The Greek Bank of Memories runs a variety of activities in the sphere of Culture, Education and Social Inclusion. Infact, while collecting memories, the association uses the material in the schools to offer educational programmes on the importance of memory sharing and intergenerational communication
Other information: ---
Sector(s) activity:
Address: Sp. Donta 5 Postal code: 11743
City: Athens Greek state:
Website: www.bankofmemories.gr
Contact person: Amaryllis Raouziaou
e-mail: info@bankofmemories.gr fax: