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      Panhellenic Union Paraplegic and Physically Challenged
NGO name/title: Panhellenic Union Paraplegic and Physically Challenged
Legal form: Non profit organization
Starting year of activity: 1992
Brief profile: In the beginning of 1992, a big team of individuals, with kinetic problems, with big experience and offer in the disabled space, they envisioned and founded a new modern social institution, with the name Pan-Hellenic Union of Paraplegics and Physically Challenged.
An institution, that through the organization of the Paraplegics and Kinetically Disabled in single legal person and representative of their collective will, it studies, it draws, it proposes and it more generally appears in each responsible institution and in the social total, the right of isonomy, parity and equal occasions of access in the Health, the Education, the Work, the Cultural polish, the Sports, the Entertainment and in Socio-economic actions of life.
A institution that would give outlet and occasions in the creative possibilities - faculties of individuals with kinetic problems and it sees to for their mental and intellectual uplift and their in general quality of life.
With this vision was founded the Pan-Hellenic Union of Paraplegic and Kinetically Disabled with constitutive aims, Social, Trade union, Cultural, Athletic and is an association of not speculative character.
For the achievement of his objectives, and beyond the Social - Trade-union obligations to his members, it functions 18 main departments, that concisely they are included in the following units:Department of Studies, Departments of art, Department of Entertainment, briefing of public, magazine publication,conference organization.
Other information: ---
Sector(s) activity:
People with disabilities
Address: Dimitsanas 3-5 Str. Postal code: 18346
City: Moschato Greek state:
Website: www.pasipka.gr
Contact person: Mousios Gregory
e-mail: info@pasipka.gr fax: 2104833555