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NGO name/title: The
Legal form: NGO
Starting year of activity: 1996
Brief profile: The "Together for Children" Association was founded in Greece in 1996. It is a non-profit N.G.O, comprising 10 member-organizations that work in the field of child welfare and is managed by a Board of Directors composed of representatives of its 10 member-organizations. The Association's main aim is to offer every form of assistance to children and young people in need, particularly to those facing social exclusion, domestic violence, chronic diseases, mental or physical disabilities, or the sickness or death of an immediate family member. The mission-statement of this unique alliance is “power through unity”.
Other information: ---
Sector(s) activity:
Address: Agiou Thoma 14 Postal code: 115 27
City: Athens Greek state:
Website: www.mazigiatopaidi.gr
Contact person:
e-mail: info@mazigiatopaidi.gr fax: 210 7482664