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NGO name/title:
Legal form: Fully vulunteer group of society Non Govermental Organization, non-profit
Starting year of activity: 1999
Brief profile: The only common things we have with Super Man are the Red and Blue colors of our emblem! We are not super heroes trying to save the planet! We are volunteers! Regular humans that offer our free time, knowledge, skills and experience, with only goal to assist our fellow citizens in times of emergency in coordination and cooperation with government and other bodies.

Based on the above we founded our Mission statement according to our statute dated since 1999:

To provide Aid to our fellow humans during emergencies.
To confront all kind of natural and man-made disasters. Be pro-active during prevention times, and be well prepared to assist on time during such events and after help our fellow citizens during the recovery and rebuilding time.
To participate in the civil protection plans and cooperate with all government and other bodies, as it is defined by the current plans and legislation.
To participate in similar mission federations and cooperate, collaborate and coordinate with other organizations locally and internationally.
To organize, coordinate and complete Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. Provide aid without any race, religious, political or any other bias.
To train on Search and Rescue procedures, self-rescue techniques, aid provision, medical first aid and similar topics.
To assist in outdoor events and contests.
To educate and strengthen the social responsibilityand the spirit of volunteerism.
To help in accident prevention and to participate in organizations and good will acts that aim to prevent accidents and to provide immediate response to confront them
To provide Humanitarian Aid, charitable volunteerism and support of other organizations to perform such good will acts, when necessary.
Other information: ---
Sector(s) activity:
Address: 10-12 Agonaridou Str. Postal code: 117 44
City: ATHEN Greek state:
Website: www.eodathens.gr
Contact person: Stavros Boglou
e-mail: grants@eodathens.gr fax: 210 3613320