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Titan’s voluntary commitment to embed corporate social responsibility and sustainability principles into its operations is related to a long-term experience and at the same time a firmly grounded belief that this is a good business practice, as well as an ethical issue. Corporate social responsibility is thus, a basic element of TITAN Groups’ governing objective and one of its corporate values. In this concept, corporate social responsibility is defined as doing less harm and more good or else : * Caring for our employees * Respecting and supporting local communities * Being an active member of society * Committed to sustainable development * Putting safety(at work) first

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   »   Care for society
   »   Sustainable Development
The environment is not ours to deal with as we wish, we hold it in trust for future generations and have an obligation to ensure that it remains fit for human life. Sustainable Development is a top Group priority at all times and in all circumstances. Our environmental commitment, as reflected in our Group Environmental policy aims at doing less harm by mitigating negative operational impacts and doing more good by actively contributing to worthwhile local and International initiatives such as WBCSD and, Global Compact.
   »   Climate Change
   »   Rehabilitation and biodiversity
   »   Reduce, reuse, recycle
   Local Society
   »   Local communities
   Employees-Human Resources-People
   »   Human Rights and Labor Relations
Respect for people is an integral part of our governing objective and it is primarily enunciated in the way we treat and respect our people and their families. Care for the well being of our direct employees have been always a main priority of our strategy and directed our social policy since the early 1970s. However, today apart from our employees there is a significant number of indirect employees providing either on permanent or on a temporarily basis services to TITAN through contractors. Having placed safety as first priority for the well-being of all employees it becomes apparent that all our efforts in response to our values and commitments is to safeguard the best working environment for both direct and indirect employees with zero fatality and accident in all operations.
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