The 2015 Capital Link CSR Leadership Award

was presented to

Mr. C. Dean Metropoulos
Chairman & CEO of Metropoulos & Co

The Keynote Speaker at this year's event, Mr. C. Dean Μetropoulos, Chairman & CEO of Metropoulos & Company, was the recipient of Capital Link's 2015 CSR Leadership Award. Mr. Μetropoulos was presented by the Mayor of Athens, Mr. Yorgos Kaminis.

Mr. Metropoulos delivered a warm, motivational speech, bestowing his trust and confidence on the energy and resourcefulness of the Greeks to overcome the adversities of the crisis. Characteristically, he said that Greece could become the "Miami" of all of Europe. He went on to address several considerations of the audience. He also stated that: "The talent and capabilities of Greek business leaders in Greece and throughout the world, are unique and powerful opportunities that can transform Greece into a successful participant in this exciting generation of technology, international investments and globally transforming businesses. We all have a vested interest in helping our ancestral and beloved Greece as we encourage its transformation into this exciting generation of opportunities."

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